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When we brought our family from England and started working with wood to produce planter boxes and pergolas the name Green Man Wood seemed appropriate.  The Green Man is a very popular pagan deity from England and is seen all over the London where we grew up.


As time passed, we continued to expand and work with more materials.  Metals, glass, concrete etc.  the company name did not fit the new us.  Then we bought the plant machinery, and we really needed a name that was more representative of what we are currently doing. 


Contractors or something similar needed to be in the name.  Nick works everyday so the new name seemed perfect…. Everyday Contractors

Nick Skyrme

Enjoys working with his hands and takes great pride in the things he builds.  Often work takes up too much time but when he gets the chance he is often off skiing or in the summer months fishing in the Hawkes Bay.

Campbell McLeod

Campbell enjoys exploring new places and spending time with his friends and family.  He also enjoys fishing, photography and all sports.

Tanya Skymre

Tanya loves driving the truck and using the Bobcat.  They are her favourite tools.

She says "it wonderful to see the change we can make within a few days and to make people happy.  It is probably the most satisfying job I have had".

John Smith

John enjoys art and reading books, loves the outdoors and baking us treats.

He had worked in the building industry for seven years before joining us at Everyday Contractors. He is always happy to help with any problems or questions you may have.

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