"People love chopping wood. In this activity
one immediately sees results."
Albert Einstein

Lead Creator

I enjoy working with wood and take great pride in the things I build. It is always lovely to see the reaction when people get their planters and boxes.


In the winter it is often just me working through the orders but come spring we quickly expand and have another two or three helping as we build veggie frames, deliver soil, build decks and any number of other wood work jobs that are asked of us. Often people send us pictures of their planters, decks, stairs once they have started living with them and it is great to see them in use and how.


Our unique point of difference has always been that we build better and stronger than you can buy in the hardware shops.  The whole business really started out when I became disappointed in the quality of planters available in our local stores.  They seemed to be quite expensive and had the look of being hastily stapled together.  Hawke's Bay is a fairly unforgiving environment but to have the planters pulling apart before I had even bought one seemed too much to ask.


That weekend I set out to built my first planter.  It was quite simple but a significant improvement on what I had seen.  I thought others might like to have something similar so I made an advert and quickly found a ready line of customers looking for my planters.


It took another 5 years of working every weekend and occasional weeknights before I had the courage to turn this busy hobby into a full time job.  Now we build chests for the garden, decks, pergolas and any number of interesting things for our customers.

At Green Man Wood we strive to make amazing projects that allow you to build fabulous gardens and it’s all thanks to the support and feedback from users like you! Keep up to date with New Releases and what’s Coming Soon in our ever changing Facebook page. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback. 

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Nick with family