Wellington Storage Chest

Wellington Storage Chest


Built from treated pine with thick 17mm treated ply lid. The box is large and weather proof.

Ideal for children's toys, shoes, garden tools and other bits you would rather keep outside.

The wood has been H3.2 treated and the screws/nails are galvanised. This box will look pretty and last for years.

The sides are clamped tight together to form a good water resistant shield. While the floor boards have good spaces between so air can circulate and avoid mould forming on your items.

There is a sturdy chain to avoid the lid opening too far and a lever to ensure the lid does not close until you are ready. We know these are child friendly as we have supplied many kindergartens with them.

Many people paint these the same colour as their house or deck. These form a comfortable place to sit and put on your shoes or simply relax with a cup of tea.

A left/right divider will add $10 to your costs.
Allow $90 if you would like your box painted white or black.

  • Details

    1240mm length x 460mm wide x 530mm high.

    Size - internal
    1100mm x 330mm x 415mm

    Tell us if you need the inside of the box to be a particular size. e.g to hold cushions or a box. We build to order and will happily change the size to suit your needs.
    If being sent by courier we send the box fully assembled.

    Please email for a price if you would like us to send the planter by courier. email: nickskyrme@xtra.co.nz

    Save money on freight if ordering several items at the same time.

    Rural Delivery
    Minimum excess of $40 + $1.40 per km from town + GST. We will happily ask PBT to provide a quote but often the cost difference is great enough for most people to either collect from their nearest PBT depot or have the items sent to a friend in town.