Trellis Panels

Trellis Panels

All the houses in a local new development are surrounded by colour steel fence. Individually colour steel is nice but when your house is completely surrounded in the same fence as all your neighbours it is nice to be able to change yours a little. Especially where you are most often going to be sitting.

We build 18m of trellis for this particular customer to go next to their lounge and outside dining area. The pictures show the trellis going up and the difference it makes.

The price given is for a single panel around 2.3m long by 1.9m tall. Each piece of trellis is 40mm wide x 19mm thick. This is about twice the thickness of standard trellis.

Trellis us supplied unstained but we can paint/stain the trellis if you wanted.

Speak to us if you have any questions.
  • Details

    Freight is not a problem with our courier company. Let us know the length you are looking to cover and we will work out the cost and include a freight cost if you wanted.

    The trellis has a very smooth finish on one side and a ribbed finish on the other. We can build trellis with a smooth finish on both sides if you wanted (a little extra cost).