Soil Supply and Fill - 1m3

Soil Supply and Fill - 1m3

Barrow by barrow we will fill your planters or vegetable bed. 

This auction is for 1 cubic metre as seen in the photo. Larger quantities are also easily arranged.

We supply top quality potting media that is free of cooch and pre-loaded with slow release fertilisers that will ensure your garden is successful.

Napier, Hastings & Havelock North areas only. Other areas are also possible but we will need your address for a more accurate quote.

Tidy and efficient is our aim. Read our reviews and contact us if you have any questions.
  • Details

    1 Cubic Metre of soil delivered to your house. From there we barrow the soil to your planters.

    Larger volumes of soil are obviously not a problem. Simply call or email and let us know either the amount you require or describe what you are planning and we can advise.

    To calculate volume
    Length x Width x Height

    e.g. Typical vegetable frame
    3m long x 1.3m wide x .44 tall = 1.7 cubic metres

    The soil is loose and will compact by around 15% over a few weeks of rain or watering.