Slow Horse Feeder

Slow Horse Feeder

This solid Macrocarpa slow feeder will allow your horse to graze at a slower pace throughout the day. 
1460mm long x 700mm tall x 860mm wide.
Includes Stainless Steel hinges.

A review from our Facebook page
Hi, I'd just like to say thank you so much for building me the two hay slow-feeders. I've always given my horses ad-lib hay, but putting it on the ground saw it get trampled into the mud, resulting in about 25% wastage with my piggy horse and 50% wastage with my slow-eater. The piggy horse is now less moody, as he is neither bloated nor hungry. My slow-eater is much more relaxed, he used to get frantic and gallop up when he saw the feed bucket, but now he just neighs and walks up to me. Even though I still usually go out to them morning and night, if I can't get out to them in the morning, I can relax knowing they still have a steady supply of clean hay. These boxes are a great save financially, but more importantly they are very beneficial for the horses' health, as they ensure clean, ad-lib hay. I can reduce the amount the piggy horse eats by putting smaller mesh on the drop-down tray, so he has finally lost some weight - but while still having had a steady supply of hay. The slow-eater is so delicate I don't even put the mesh tray over his hay, as he doesn't pull the hay out, just uses the box like a hay trough (he's very rare though, most horses would need the mesh tray).

It is working out even better for the second horse. He's now a lot more relaxed. He used to nut off when he saw me with his feed bucked, even though there still hay on the ground from visit a few hours earlier. But now he just neighs and walks up to me.

The boxes are very well constructed and I expect they will last years.
  • Details

    We can freight to most north island towns for $50.

    The timber is untreated so will not leach any chemicals into the feed.

    All screws are either stainless steel or galvanised.

    We use stainless steel hinges so nothing will rust.