Orangerie Style Planter

Orangerie Style Planter

Originally this style of planter was used in Europe around the fifteenth or sixteenth century to home orange trees.  Because the cold European winter is difficult for oranges, the trees were planted in pots that would come outside in summer and be put into an Orangerie (hot house) in the winter.   

Interesting point:- Medieval cookbooks tell exactly how many orange slices a visiting dignitary was entitled to. Citrus soon became the fashion of the nobility and rich merchants.

The Versailles Orangerie was built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart between 1684 and 1686. This grand garden was designed to impress visitors and over summer more than a thousand trees in boxes were brought out. Most of them are orange trees.

This planter is a higher price than our usual planters because the mortise and tenon joints take a considerable amount of time to cut and finish. However, this finish is noticeably improved and therefore justifies the price difference.
  • Details

    This planter is 1.2m on the long, 520mm wide and 500mm tall. Planting depth 350mm.

    Ideal for small shrubs, hedging and herbs.