Bombay Garden

Bombay Garden

This two tier garden is built using macrocarpa sleepers and is held together with stainless steel screws.  The two tiers help raise the garden from ground level to 430mm from the ground.  

The 45 degree angle on the front face helps soften what could have been a sharp corner and instead welcomes you in.

Timber will deteriorate if in constant contact with soil and water. To ensure our planters last as long as possible be line them with polythene. With these macrocarpa sleeper planters we also line the base with damp proof course before attaching feet lift the planter at least 20mm clear of the ground. No one sees that the planter is not sitting directly on the ground and this will help the timber to look great for many years.

  • Details

    This is available as a kit set.

    Freight $80 to most north island towns.
    South Island will be approximately $110 but we will need to confirm once we know your address.