Decks and deck building, here are a few of our pictures

We charge $305 per square metre for a deck built with premium pine or $385 for Kwila.  Other decking timbers are available including mahogany and macrocarpa. Deck building is something we particularly enjoy as it makes such a difference to a house.
Adams - deck steps

John and Rachel had a set of pebble dash steps that started from the post and led to a concrete area.  The steps were not completely even and so people would often trip and the space on top was not large enough to allow the family to sit outside at a table.  We build a deck that gave greater space to have their table and a wide step to people could easily move up and down the levels without problems.  Later new concrete was poured and the remaining section will have soil and grass added soon.


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A Kwila deck 


This hardwood deck looks simply stunning when wet or freshly oiled.  The colours are amazing.  


Pine is usually harvested at around 21 to 25 years.  Kwila is harvested at around 40 to 50 years.  The grain in Kwila is very tight in comparison and does not absorb water like pine.  Consequently, it does not suffer from swelling and contracting like pine.  That means all the joining pieces stay nice and tight together.


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A 4.5m x 4.5m deck with trellis to abut existing steps


A small deck to join onto an existing porch. There is a step that takes you from the deck to the lawn. The trellis is shop bought but looks nice enough and was quickly installed.


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Williams deck
7.5m x 4.5m


A large deck that allows the family to easily move from house to garden.  There is plenty of space for them to eat and entertain on this new clean space.


This deck will be featured in a article about Laura in Home and Garden magazine.


Laura & Jason also took 4 of our 3m vegetable frames so there is no need to buy vegetables now. 


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Jopson deck
10m x 3m


Beside the building there was a section that was covered with stones and a few token plants.  Bearly used this area was wasted.  By removing the stones and laying deckng the area has been transformed into a usable area.


This deck is very low to the ground and we dug out and removed 10m3 of soil.  Hard work but necessary and was accomplished quite quickly.


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Tran deck
7m x 3.5m


A collection of miss-matched and unsightly concrete that created a trip hazard was easily covered with a beautiful deck.  Now the area is level and with two even steps the area is safe once again.


We also worked around the new Archgola the client had fitted just before we arrived.



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A small deck 


Less and Jill wanted to change their small side entrance into an attractive place where they could enjoy the morning sunshine over breakfast.


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Waipuk Deck


A property developer we work with bought a state house in Waipukurau

and asked us to build a small deck that will help tidy the area directly outside the back of the house.  This will allow the new owners to have a private seating area.


We also built a trellis fence to enclose a small area where vegetables and lawn will be kept.  The section is quite large so breaking it up like this made the garden feel homely.


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